Email us or go to USAJOBS.gov to get started on your career application process.

Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex is looking for qualified external candidates for critical skill trade positions (listed below).  This email address provides you an option to send your resume directly into a WR-ALC office for review/consideration for a positions to be filled via Direct Hire Authority.


USAJOBS is an official website of the United States government. This website allows job seekers to create a profile, view openings, and apply for positions across a multitude of agencies and locations to include Robins Air Force Base.

Find your fit at WR-ALC

Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex is looking for candidates interested in applying for jobs to help support our mission. Please click the links above to submit your resume or view specific job openings.



WR-ALC is currently utilizing the Direct Hire Authority (DHA) to hire qualified external candidates for critical skill trade positions (listed below). If you provide a resume, it will remain on file for up to one year from the date of receipt.  If you wish to be considered after one year,  you will need to resubmit your resume to this workflow box. If your resume does not contain contact information to include an active phone number and/or email, your resume will not be considered.

You must possess hands on experience/practical experience/specialized experience or relevant education related to an occupation listed below for DHA.  This recruitment notice does not mean that there are immediate vacancies for each occupation.

Your resume may be reviewed for consideration at any time during this period.  Should you be considered for a job, a WR-ALC representative will make contact with you.

Even though we have received your resume, remember to continue to apply for positions on www.usajobs.gov. DHA cannot be used to hire interns for skilled trade occupations, so students must apply to specific Pathways Intern announcements posted on USAJOBS.

Due to the volume of resumes that are received and to avoid any potential appearance of favoritism the recruitment workflow team cannot critique resumes for you, provide individual advice on your specific situation, or discuss what occupations you qualify for under DHA.

It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to include in your resume email the particular skill(s) from the below list for which you are applying (please be specific and do not state all, everything, anything you hiring for, etc.).

In the spirit of providing the same assistance to all candidates, your resume should describe all experience and training you possess related to the occupation (s) for which you are applying.  Key resume information includes:

  • Job title and employer
  • Starting and ending dates for each job you cite
  • Average hours worked per week
  • Detailed information about the work performed
  • References with phone numbers (supervisors, college instructors) and whether or not the WR-ALC can contact each reference
  • Hands on experience that is gained from technical training program, volunteer activities, hobbies, or unpaid work situations are acceptable but only if enough detail is provided about how tasks were performed

Additional resume tips can also be found on usajobs.gov.

Thank you again for your interest in a career within the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex (WR-ALC).


Below is a list of occupations for which experienced/trained candidates may directly apply.
  • Engineering Technical  (0802)
  • Industrial Engineering Technical (0895)
  • Production Control (1152)
  • Information Technology Management (2210)
  • Electronics Worker (2601)
  • Electronic Measurement Equipment Mechanic (2602)
  • Electronics Mechanic (2604)
  • Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic (2610)
  • General Electrician (2801)
  • Electrician (2805)
  • Aircraft Electrician (2892)
  • Machine Tool Operator (3401)
  • Machining (3414)
  • Toolmaking (3416)
  • Miscellaneous Metal Processing (3701)
  • Nondestructive Testing (3705)
  • Metalizing (3707)
  • Miscellaneous Metal Work (3801)
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic (3806)
  • Painting (4102)
  • Pipefitting (4204)
  • Rubber Products Compounder (4301)
  • Composite/Plastic Fabricating (4352)
  • Wood Crafting (4605)
  • Aircraft Survival And Flight Equipment (4818)
  • Production Machinery Mechanic (5350)
  • Aircraft Weight & Balance Examiner (5401)
  • Crane Operating (5725)
  • Aircraft Ordnance Systems Mechanic (6652)
  • Tool & Parts Attending (6904)
  • Materials Expediting (6910)
  • Hazardous Waste Disposing (6913)
  • Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic (8268)
  • Aircraft Engine Mechanic (8602)
  • Miscellaneous Aircraft Overhaul (8801)
  • Aircraft Mechanic (8852)


  • General Engineering  (0801)
  • Engineering Technical  (0802)
  • Materials Engineering (0806)
  • Environmental Engineering (0819)
  • Mechanical Engineering (0830)
  • Electrical Engineering (0850)
  • Electronics Engineering (0855)
  • Electronics Technical (0856)
  • Aerospace Engineering (0861)
  • Chemical Engineering (0893)
  • Industrial Engineering Technical (0895)
  • Industrial Engineering (0896)
  • Operations Research (1515)
  • Computer Science (1550)